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Products that reflect Quality and Pride.

Our glass installation is top notch

We use only the best glass units dual seal silicone which means not one layer of sealant but two. The seal is not polyurethane with a silicone secondary but it is a primary silicone seal with a secondary silicone seal. These units are rated to last 15-25 years and the best glass unit on the market today.

We specialize in wood windows even though they are the most difficult windows to intstall. We do great glass replacement in aluminum and vinyl windows of course almost any glass company can. What we do really well is Glass replacement in wood windows. With special tools and know how we can remove the old glass broken or failed from your wood window without damaging the sensitive wood surrounding the glass, leaving your window frame clean and intact this is something that not all companies can do or at least do well. Many installers show up to a house with wood windows reluctantly and rightfully so it is hard work but we do this work everyday and is what we expect to do. We also make a wood sash replacement for Weathervane Wood Windows.

We can do all sorts of shapes and sizes and many different types of glass and grids. Low e and argon, clear and about 30 different colors or obscures.

We also have the knowledge to do dry rot repair and replacement the right way. Some companies will offer patches but patches often fail we offer full replacement and custom milling to leave your house in better condition than we found it and will let you know what your looking at before we begin we’ll even tell you if you can have it done cheaper somewhere else.