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How We Work

The first thing we like to do is create an accurate estimate for you.

We will ask you to answer some questions by filling out the form to the right →. If you can upload a few pictures of your project it will help us see what your options are. With this information we can then give you an estimate via email.

Once you are ready to proceed and would like us to do your work we will go through the following steps with you:

Scheduling Residential Window and Glass Specialists

1. Schedule

We’ll schedule a time to come out to the property to take exact measurements, confirm the details of the work and collect a deposit.

Ordering Residential Window and Glass Specialists

2. Order

We order your product. When we receive your product we’ll call you and set up a good time for installation.

Installation Residential Window and Glass Specialists

3. Installation

We will arrive at the determined time and date to remove your old product and install your new product. When finished we will clean up and show you the completed work.

Payment Residential Window and Glass Specialists

4. Payment

After we receive your payment we send out any warranty information that applies.
Busy? Most of our customers are … Just let us know your needs and we’ll take care of it.

Customer Satisfaction Residential Window and Glass Specialists

5. Customer Satisfaction

Our Service is a cut above the competition.
We aim to please. Your satisfaction means a lot to us. We pay attention to the things that most people are unaware of. My goal is to take care of your glass or sash problem once so you don’t have to worry about it again. We are a professional company with a personal touch.

“We often say we are not just in the glass business, we are in the business of taking care of people and I believe that 100%!”