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We are your local Skywall Specialists servicing the Western Washington communities of Issaquah, Bellevue, Redmond, Sammamish and Woodinville.

It’s in the details…

The new and greatly improved sky wall at a reasonable price!

Of course we start with our clear vertical grain Alaskan Yellow Cedar wood to ensure a durable long lasting frame that can handle both rain and shine. The construction of the frame is what really excites us. No more mullions inside or out! We redesigned the glazing pocket for better airspace, drainage channel, locking and multi- surface, glue joint with an elevated glazing pocket, which places the stop above the surface to greatly reduce an opportunity for water intrusion. It also allows the rain to continue down the frame, preventing it from gathering at joints.  We have a continuous top, bottom and side jambs with vertical and horizontal post for a stronger more durable frame with considerably less opportunity for water intrusion, as well as pillow joints on all vertical and horizontal posts and jambs inside and out for better paint adhesion and longer lasting finishes. This is no longer multiple windows attached.

Clear Image Glass primes the exterior with a high quality product for adhesion and we can also paint and stain the unit to match your existing windows. We finish it off with exterior stops glazed with urethane to prevent water intrusion, reduce maintenance, and create weep holes to remove any water from the glazing pocket that may gather. This is most important not only for the opening window but also valuable to the long term durability of the window. This window accomplishes what we strive to provide in every product we sell…

The last window replacement needed with greatly reduced maintenance so you can spend your time, effort and money where you want.

Clear Image Glass has the ability, when building a new Skywall, to reconfigure your center posts to open your view. We can rebuild the angle of the Skywall to increase the interior space and change the size of the windows to improve your views! Ask us for the details.

Rebuilt Skywall Before Image


This is the original Skywall configuration. Notice the sharp roof angle and several narrow windows.

Rebuilt Skywall After Image


After the rebuild, notice the shallow angle of the Skywall roof and fewer larger windows!

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